Sonic Dreams Collection

IN 2013 hacker supergroup “Arcane Kid$” acquired a SEGA DREAMCAST developer kit from Deep in the filescape they unearthed a note from the director of MJSTUDIO, a “message in a bottle” detailing the work of SEGA’s top secret studio which was re-invisioning the future of video gaming.

The Arcane Kid$ salvaged FOUR playable prototypes, some concept art, and countless top-secret SEGA files. “SEGA squandered MJSTUDIO’s gift to the world… and dissed Sonic fans globally… by burying these games” Arcane Kid$ spokesperson Jo says.

“It’s time to set them free.” Arcane Kid$ has granted HEDGEHOG EXPOSED exclusive rights to what they call the “Sonic Dreams Collection”

Download game for MAC & PC on
Soundtrack: Sonic Dreams Collection OST by torahhorse


This is the ultimate Sonic the Hedgehog fan experience.

Released Summer 2015
PC & Mac, Free

Developed by Arcane Kids & Cyborgdino