CRAP! No One Loves Me

“My morning ritual is pretty simple: I check my phone and scream CRAP! No One Loves Me”

CRAP! No One Loves Me is a daily affirmation. It’s also a bobsledding journey into the netherworld.

Meet fellow teens at the Vape Shop. Pick a sick custom coffin. Boost into purgatory.

Will the Baroness take pity on your lonely no-followers having soul, or will she grind your bones into dust? Is there a difference? Is there such a thing as relief?

This game was commissioned by Fantastic Arcade and created by Arcane Kids. I was responsible for art, level design, and sound / music. The game was available for a limited time in Sept 2015. It’s now a RARE game… who knows when u will be able to get it again hahaha