Capsule Silence XXIV

Capsule Silence XXIV is a collaboration with the band Anamanaguchi. It’s a fictional AAA first person shooter with a secret: you can hack into Anamanaguchi’s developer sandbox. Inside is their personal assistant, F.R.U.G, and TONS of new songs and fun stuff to find.

Play Capule Silence Free for PC & Mac

First person exploration game with crazy meta elements, tons of secrets, and ~30 original tracks from Anamanaguchi.

Released February 2016
PC & Mac via Anamanaguchi’s website


I designed the game with Anamanaguchi. I did the programming, art, level design, sfx, and designed the F.R.U.G. robot.

Anamanaguchi created all the music, as well as contributing 2D art, and additional writing for F.R.U.G. and the text notes.

Jordan Speer contributed additional 3d props.