First Person Drifter for Unity

version 1.0 // 20.1.2014
compiled by @torahhorse

dead simple first person character controller written in c# for unity3d
a drifting game is a piece of art software in which users walk around for the hell of it
the term drifting game comes from the word “dérive” which is the radical concept of wandering around
i made this package bc i want to encourage artists & non-programmers to make more
and 2 provide users w/ controls that behave in ways they expect



first person drifter improves on unitys default controller in a few ways:
+ smooths mouse input
+ adds optional run mode, air control, sliding on slopes
+ adds head bob to camera
+ adds mouse lock (and unlock with ESC)

it also comes with some optional stuff
+ camera fade in
+ right click zoom (good for looking at art and shit)
+ script for resetting player if they fall below a certain height
+ pause menu that handles: quit game, field of view, sensitivity, invert mouse y axis


you can use this for whatever purposes, commercial or noncommercial.
scripts are compiled from various authors in the unity wiki
the scripts contain original author info